X-Ray Controller Assembly for Hologic Bone Densitometer (10MA , EXPLORER)

ASY-00409 is an X-ray controller assembly used in Hologic bone densitometers to ensure that images are captured with high quality and low patient exposure.

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The ASY 00409 X-Ray Controller Assembly is a part of Hologic Bone Densitometers (DXA). It is responsible for controlling various functions of the X-ray machine, such as generating and regulating the X-ray beam, managing exposure settings, and ensuring patient safety during imaging procedures.

Product Highlights:
– The assembly is designed to generate high-quality X-ray images, resulting in accurate and dependable bone density readings.
– Hologic Bone Densitometers, specifically the QDR and Discovery series, are compatible with the ASY 00409 X-Ray Controller Assembly.
– The assembly is manufactured using high-quality electronic components, assuring consistent performance over time.
– The ASY 00409 X-Ray Controller Assembly is built to be safe and prevent operator injury.
– It is also designed to be easy to use and maintain.