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MedSource Imaging, a leading third party provider of refurbished Hologic systems, proudly offers unbeatable pricing on Hologic ImageChecker® CAD for radiologists, medical facilities and healthcare providers. Our cost-effective solutions extend to both domestic and international markets, ensuring accessible access to cutting-edge technology.

Hologic CAD (Computer-Aided Detection) is a software application that helps radiologists to identify and mark regions of interest on routine screening and diagnostic mammograms. It does this by analyzing the digital images and searching for potential microcalcifications and masses, which are characteristics commonly associated with breast cancer, and assists the radiologist in minimizing observational oversights by identifying areas
on the original mammogram that may warrant a second review.

Hologic CAD (Computer-Aided Detection) Software by Medsource Imaging
ImageChecker® 2D CAD Technology by Medsource Imaging

ImageChecker® 2D CAD Technology can detect potential breast cancer in both conventional 2D images and tomosynthesis images, which are created by combining multiple 2D images. This technology is available on the 3Dimensions™ and Dimensions® systems’ AWS, so you can review images at the point of care and eliminate the need for a separate server. It has been shown to be effective in increasing the detection rate of breast cancer, particularly in women with dense breasts.

ImageChecker® CAD Highlights

  • Enhanced Visualization: The software analyzes the images and marks suspicious areas, such as masses and clusters of calcifications, enabling radiologists to easily identify and examine suspicious regions.

  • Improved Accuracy: This can help to minimize observational oversights and potentially decrease false negative readings.

  • Compatibility: The software is compatible with SecurView® and PACS workstations, and it can also be used with other diagnostic workstations.


Our experts are highly trained in Refurbished Mammography Systems from the point of sale to the servicing and maintenance of the equipment to ensure all machines are operating at its highest potential for quicker and more precise results. We believe efficient, high quality, mammo machinery is a key factor to early detection which ultimately saves lives.

Certified systems

Certified systems

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Quick response / service

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Highly trained staff

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Excellent after sales service

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40 years of experience


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