The Hologic PRD-01702 HDT dimension detector is a high-definition detector used in FD mini c-arm system. It provides high-quality images crucial for identifying invasive breast cancers, especially in the early stages.

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The Hologic PRD-01702 HDT Dimension Detector is a part of the Hologic Fluoroscan InSight FD Mini C-Arm system, which is a mobile fluoroscopy system used in preventing and finding breast cancer. This detector is crucial for ensuring the system performs at its peak, enabling the detection of even the most invasive breast cancers that can be difficult to identify in the early stages. The HDT Detector is an integral part of the Selenia Dimensions Mammography system and provides a high-resolution breast tomosynthesis system.

Product Highlights:
– The HDT Detector is the flat panel detector component of the system that captures high-resolution X-ray images for real-time visualization during procedures.
– The HDT Detector uses low-dose radiation imaging technology, which helps reduce the amount of radiation exposure to both patients and medical staff.