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Traditional 2D mammography has been the standard screening tool for breast cancer for many years. However, it has its limitations. The overlapping of breast tissue in 2D images can sometimes lead to false positives or negatives, resulting in unnecessary biopsies or missed diagnoses.

Selenia Dimensions 3D mammography is a revolutionary new technology by Hologic that has the potential to revolutionize breast cancer screening and diagnosis. By acquiring multiple low-dose images of the breast from different angles, Selenia Dimensions can create a three-dimensional reconstruction of the breast that can help radiologists to more easily identify and characterize breast abnormalities.

Advantages of Hologic Selenia Dimensions

1. Enhanced Accuracy and Detection
The three-dimensional nature of Selenia Dimensions enables radiologists to detect smaller lesions and distinguish them from harmless structures with greater precision.

2. Reduced False Positives
Selenia Dimensions can help to reduce the number of false positives, which can lead to unnecessary biopsies.

3. Improved Patient Comfort
Selenia Dimensions uses lower doses of radiation than 2D mammography, which can make the procedure more comfortable for patients. The compression time is reduced, and the process is faster compared to traditional mammography. This encourages more women to undergo regular screenings.

4. Automatic Exposure Control
The Selenia Dimensions 3D unit uses automatic exposure control to ensure that each image is exposed correctly. This helps to reduce the risk of overexposure.

5. Improved workflow
Selenia Dimensions can be used to perform both screening and diagnostic mammography, which can improve workflow for radiologists and technologists.


Selenia Dimensions 3D Mammography represents a significant advancement in breast cancer screening. By harnessing the power of precision and clarity, it offers improved accuracy, enhanced patient comfort, and personalized care. This technology has the potential to transform the way we detect and treat breast cancer, saving lives and promoting better health outcomes for women worldwide.The above advantages made it the most popular mamo system with a market share of 35%.

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